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A Japanese Translation Company

Founded by Kaori and James Myatt, Word Connection is based in Bassussarry, France. We have built a team of skilled and dedicated linguists who offer specialist knowledge of diverse fields including finance and banking, manufacturing, gaming and the law. They are supported by the latest technology, a network of specialists and our partnerships with leading language providers.


From our offices in France and Japan, we support language service providers, corporations, governments and small businesses by providing professional, proactive and creative language services. We are also proud to offer training for graduate translators and we have established a student mentoring programme in partnership with the University of East Anglia in the UK.


Word Connection’s outstanding Japanese language services have garnered an impressive reputation. But our team, professional network and partnerships now enable us to provide translations into almost any language. 

Supporting Our Industry

Translation is a dynamic industry which is continually evolving. We are always striving to find innovative solutions which will improve both translation quality and project management. To this end, we participate in conferences across the globe to work alongside and learn from leading language professionals. We discover new ideas and technology while building closer relationships with our peers.


Word Connection is a member of the following language industry associations: 

ATC – Association of Translation Companies  

JTF – Japanese Translation Federation

CNET - Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction.

Skilled in-house Japanese translators
membership and Partnerships

Skilled in-house translators

Most translation companies do not specialise in Japanese translations. Many simply pass any projects to third parties including translators that they don’t know. They have no ability to assess the quality of the outputs or to ensure that there is consistency across multiple texts. At Word Connection, we have outstanding native Japanese translators in-house. Their work is closely monitored, and we allocate tasks on the basis of the ability and knowledge required, regardless of the cost. Our skilled and creative writers craft copy rather than merely provide translations. Better still, we offer training sessions to ensure that our translators are constantly improving their skills.

Internship programme and supporting future professionals

Over the years we have worked closely with the University of East Anglia, we provided student assessments for their Masters in Translation coursework. Our student mentoring programme also extends to offering work placement experience to students of three leading universities in the UK as well as the University of Strasbourg.

We are proud to say that our very own Kaori Myatt is a TCLoc mentor who enjoys supporting students by sharing her knowledge and experience.

Work placements are available to students completing their Masters in Translation Studies. The team at Word Connection is always happy to mentor new students and to fully support initiatives that help develop talented translators and the translation Industry.

I-Jet Japanese translators Conference


The Strateski LSP unconference is hosted by Word Connection and is an event like no other. Welcoming all LSP owners and senior managers, it enables them to discuss important issues, share ideas and build relationships with fellow professionals in an informal environment.

Internship and mentorship with Word-Connection

I-jet Translator Conference

We are delighted to have been sponsors of the I-Jet Japanese translators Conference. This is the flagship event of The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) which has been held annually since 1990 to enable translators to share their expertise.

We are honoured to have been chosen to speak at I-Jet-32 this May in Toronto.

Strateski 2025
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