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Japanese SEO Services

Promoting your products or services in any territory will require a significant marketing budget. But that considerable expense could still deliver disappointing results without the effective translation and localisation of your campaigns. There is no point funding the marketing of your messages if they will have little or no impact. At Word Connection, we can provide the effective and nuanced Japanese translation services you need to appeal to your target audience in Japan. Better still, our Japanese SEO service will ensure that your website receives the exposure it needs, courtesy of improved search engine rankings.

The unique challenges of marketing in Japan

With the marketing expenses that you face, it might be tempting to cut corners by using machine translation to create your content, marketing materials or videos. But this would be a false economy. Only a skilled, native Japanese translator and copywriter will possess the required understanding of the linguistic and cultural nuances that make all the difference.  The enormous number of characters in Japanese presents a serious challenge when translating content. Written Japanese is comprised of three systems of characters; hiragana, katakana, and kanji. The first two of these are phonograms (sound symbols with no intrinsic meanings). Kanji are logograms (symbols with meanings and multiple readings). These were originally taken from Chinese. The three systems are used interchangeably and so it is incredibly easy to make mistakes when translating into Japanese.

The complexities of Japanese characters

Japanese School children learn hiragana and katakana before moving on to kanji. For this reason, marketing products to children requires a specific and tailored approach to Japanese language translation. On the other hand, businesses seeking to appear traditional or erudite will use mainly Kanji symbols. Particular care must be taken when using Katakana symbols. These are frequently utilised to express words which have been borrowed from other languages. Such words often have slightly different or very specific meanings in Japanese.


Machine translations can, therefore, generate words which are inappropriate or confusing to Japanese speakers. Further complications are caused by the increasing use of Latin characters in Japan. Sometimes it can pay to use Latin characters when translating marketing materials, particularly when targeting young people.


From website design to web content and from to social media marketing to blog posts, we will evolve the best approach and use the right characters to craft and promote your messages.

Japanese SEO strategies

There are many linguistic and cultural complexities that must be addressed when tackling Japanese translations. In addition, SEO strategies should be tailored specifically for Japanese searches. Google does not enjoy the dominance in Japan that it does in the western markets. Yahoo! remains an important search engine in Japan. Yahoo’s algorithm for ranking search results is not identical to that of Google. This necessitates a more detailed approach to optimising content. Internet marketing strategies must be multifaceted, particularly when targeting Japan.


We can ensure that you conquer Japanese search engines and gain improved visibility. To maximise the impact of SEO in Japan, your business would benefit from a .jp domain. We understand your business and its unique challenges. Due to that we offer our Translation Services for many different industries. 


Japanese digital marketing tends to feature more information and less imagery than web pages in both Europe and America. We can assist you in obtaining a .jp domain and in designing a website that will appeal to your target audience. Japanese web design is a specialist skill. We can help you to develop a website that will rival those of businesses in Japan.

Three Steps to Marketing Success in Japan


Skilled Translators


Expert Localisation

SEO Services

Tailored SEO

Research suggests that Japanese users are less likely than those in the West to scroll down search results. Appearing at the top of the list is more crucial in Japan than elsewhere.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website so that it ranks higher in online search results. The more visible your pages, the more customers they will attract. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! use bots to crawl pages. These move from site to site, collecting information about those pages and indexing them. Algorithms then analyse pages considering all ranking factors to determine the order in which those pages should appear in the search results for any given query.  

These factors include content quality, keyword density, crawlability, links and mobile friendliness. Optimising your content with these factors in mind can deliver impressive improvements in search rankings and specifically rankings for searches made by Japanese consumers.

Whether you are seeking a Japanese to English translation service or English to Japanese translations, we can ensure that your messages retain their impact. While our Japanese English translations of your content will maximise its appeal, our search engine optimization services will drive more traffic to your site, increasing sales. Your reach and conversion rates will be enhanced and that will change everything. The Word Connection SEO service encompasses but is not restricted to:









Why Word Connection?

Word Connection is a Japanese translation company that adopts a comprehensive approach to customising your messages and content. In combining skilled translation, expert localisation and tailored Japanese SEO services, we offer a fully inclusive service.  The finest localized content, efficiently optimised, will produce the search engine results and conversion rates you are looking for.


Make sure to check our Japanese Proofreading Services and complete Document Translations as well. Speaking of Proofreading, we can undertake proofreading tasks of any size or scope. Regarding our Translations, we ensure that you benefit from accurate, consistent and compliant translations of your documentation. We look forward to hearing from you via our contact form or via LinkedIn.

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