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Japanese Lanterns

What We Do

Supporting diverse organisations from international groups to local firms, Word Connection delivers professional and synergistic translation services. Our dedicated team ensure that your message truly speaks the language of your chosen audience and is perfectly tailored to cultural standards and norms. Offering expertise in a variety of industry sectors, we understand that words can speak volumes but only if they are the right words.​

Language services

We have built our impressive reputation by providing outstanding Japanese translations. But we can now do so much more including translation into English, French, German, Spanish and Basque. Better still, our Japanese Office can provide translation into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.

Our impressive linguists are all native speakers, industry experts and professional translators. They would be delighted to help you with translation, adaption, revision and creative writing.

All projects are managed from our head office in France to ensure that we achieve timely delivery and a unified approach to multilanguage ventures.

We have developed a network of trusted partners which includes the world’s leading language companies. This enables to offer professional translation into almost any language.

CAT Tools

There is no substitute for talented translators, but CAT tools provide the ideal assistants!

Speeding up delivery times without compromising quality, the expert use of the right CAT tools helps to streamline projects and facilitate both effective management and consistency.

Translators save time because they don’t have to translate recurring words and phrases while multiple documents will feature uniform translations and a complementary feel. We have invested in the best technology to enable our team to offer the greatest flexibility and consistency.

Projects of any size can be handled with impressive efficiency and all work is double-checked, corrected and finalised by our linguists.


Your translations may be complete, but are they truly ready for their new audience in Japan?

An accurate or literal translation may not be an effective one which retains the character and impact of the original copy.

Neither is it necessarily appropriate for your target market or sufficiently fluid to make it easy to read.


Our expert linguists will audit your texts to ensure that they are grammatically correct and truly convey your message. Japanese localisation, or as we call it, Japalization, takes translation to the next level and perfectly adapts your words to achieve the desired results in Japan.

An extra pair of highly trained eyes could make all the difference!

Urgent Translations

No matter how carefully you plan and organise your projects, you may occasionally find yourself with an emergency on your hands.


When time is at a premium, we provide an expedited service for our clients who require urgent translations from French or English into Japanese.

The expert use of CAT tools and our outstanding linguists enable us to deliver exceptional results quickly when you are in danger of missing a deadline.

Thanks to our carefully evolved server solutions, we can divide larger endeavours between several translators and editors who will work together in real time to accelerate the translation process.


The Word Connection expertise in transcription, dubbing, subtitling and voice over is second to none.

Following a careful review of your movies, interviews or video clips, we are able to evolve effective translations which retain the essence of the original messages. In other words, nothing is lost in translation.


Perfect timing is guaranteed as timecoding and tracking delivers subtitles which are matched with precision to the audio and video.

Translated text is converted to the required format ready for upload and final production. Voice overs are evolved to complement and enhance your production and branding, rather than to detract from it.


An accurate translation can lack the desired impact and fail to deliver your goals if it doesn’t lend itself to your chosen layout, graphics or packaging.

With its three alphabets and reading from right to left, Japanese isn’t the easiest language to work with. We can ensure that your text is the perfect fit and we are able to handle the entire DTP process for you. To reinforce and showcase your branding, it is vital that your translated text boasts the look and feel of the original.

Our experts can translate and edit your copy to fit seamlessly into your designs while maintaining the essence and integrity of your message.


If your text has already been translated, we would be happy to check everything over for your peace of mind.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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