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Master TCLoc faculty of languages University of Strasbourg

Master’s Degree in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc)

An exciting opportunity, TCLoc is an online master’s degree offered by the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg. The program is tutored by 23 diverse experts and professionals, and currently boasts 187 students from across the globe. TCLoc is a noteworthy program for those in the language industry seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

We are proud to say that our very own Kaori Myatt is a TCLoc mentor who enjoys supporting students by sharing her knowledge and experience.

What is TCLoc ?

Taught in English, the TCLoc master’s program incorporates a variety of courses encompassing web tools & languages, technical & visual communication, project management, localisation and professional writing. The career-orientated degree enables students to expand their professional range and horizons.

Attracting applicants from across the world, TCLoc features a flexible program of study to suit the schedules of working professionals. Students may choose one of four study options that enable them to complete the degree in 12 – 24 months. Online classes can be attended live but recordings are provided, ensuring that the program can easily be incorporated into students’ schedules. 

Which subjects are covered?

The TCLoc program features the following course elements:

Web Tools and Languages

Covering the technical aspects of websites, this course encompasses web languages and development tools. Students learn:


  • The history of the web and related technologies. 

  • Markup languages

  • Programming languages

  • Web page creationHow to work with HTML, XML and XHTML files

  • Development tools

Technical Communication

A unit run by Tekom, this course replicates tekom’s TCTrainNet program that leads to the international Technical Communicator (tekom) – Professional Level certificate. It covers:​


  • Information processing

  • Project management

  • Concept development including content management, documentation and visual design

  • Content creationPublishing and printing


Covers the theory and practice of localization together with the related processes and tools.

Visual Communication

An introduction to visual tools and the detailed study of UX design.

Professional Writing

A unit that aims to ensure that students can write effective online content and adapt content for search engines.

Project Management

Students learn project management methodology and how to utilise the latest tools.

Advanced Localization

An in-depth look at localization including how to deal with the localization of graphical user interfaces (GUI).

New Techniques and Technologies

Students choose from two study options and so can focus on the domain most relevant to their field.

Master’s Thesis and Defense

Students conduct a scientific study by researching a question of their choosing and then writing an academic paper. They will present their work to a jury during an online defense.

Who can apply for TCLoc?

Admittance to the TCLoc program is based on academic and/or professional merit. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic, excellent English and computer literacy.


TCLoc applicants must possess a degree equivalent to four years of higher education (corresponding to 240 ECTS credits in the European system). Alternatively, they may make a VAPP (Validation of Acquired Professional and Personal Experience) application.

What are the benefits of the TCLoc master’s degree?

As the TCLoc program covers broad and diverse subjects, it offers something for everyone. Even highly experienced professionals can expand and refine their knowledge and skills while gaining expertise in entirely new domains. The flexible nature of the program means that it can be incorporated into the schedules of most potential students. TCLoc students will:

  • Gain a highly regarded academic qualification.

  • Enhance and refine their professional competences.

  • Gain new knowledge and skills.

  • Explore new domains.Join an international network of students and professionals.

  • Enhance their career prospects.

TCLoc Degree and Japanese applicants

The TCLoc program already boasts Japanese students. But the University of Strasbourg is keen to increase the proportion of Japanese students enrolled on the program. Japanese students benefit from the ideal mentor in Kaori Myatt.

About Kaori Myatt

Managing Director of Word Connection, Japanese native and specialist in Japanese translation and localisation, Kaori is a highly regarded language industry professional. She is currently a member of the Japan Translation Federation (JTF) board and is delighted to support TCLoc students. Her areas of expertise are localization, social media, tackling a master’s thesis and defence, project management and careers in the translation industry.

Kaori Myatt
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