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Translator online training

Translation and localisation services are constantly evolving. We are delighted to be working in a dynamic industry and we are always striving to find new solutions which improve quality. To this end, Kaori Myatt has founded the Human Powered Academy.

What is Human Powered Academy?

Through a series of online training sessions, Kaori will share her specialist industry knowledge. Both new and more experienced Japanese translators can expand their own knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of everything they do.

All aspects of translation and localisation will be explored in our online program including:

  • Translator-agency relationships

  • The specific needs of European clients

  • Business Tips – Effective marketing to attract new clients

  • Utilising tools

  • Innovations in translation

  • Machine translation post-editing

  • Translation strategies

Kaori Myatt Human powered Tokyo

Professional Translation

Professional translators must never stop learning if they are to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients.

You have discovered an incredible opportunity to improve your translation skills. Subscribing to Human Powered will enable you to realise your full potential and advance your career and language skills.

How does Human Powered work?

In our online classroom, you’re able to sit comfortably at home or in your usual workspace while joining international sessions with experts from across the globe.

All courses in translation are conducted via ZOOM meeting software.

You will also be invited to participate in additional in-person sessions which will take place in Japan in your native language.

Can you afford not to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity?

Affordable Distance Learning Courses

Participation in the Human Powered Academy is incredibly affordable and could transform your future in the translation industry.

There will be no travelling expenses to finance and all of the time you dedicate to the sessions will be spent improving your knowledge, translation skills and marketing techniques while discovering innovative ideas.

Word Connection translators will receive a 30 % discount.

Its always the right time to invest in learning and never more so than now!

30 percent off  for Word-Connection translators
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