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Do you have text or content that has already been translated? Another pair of eyes will always prove useful in ensuring that your translations are both accurate and appropriately localized.  A literal Japanese text translation will rarely be the best possible translation. Our Japanese translation revision experts will audit your content and then enhance it. Your words will be adapted to appeal to the Japanese market while retaining the character and impact of the source copy. We will effect a transformation to maximise the impact of your messages.

Revision services

The official ISO definition of revision is:

“(the) bilingual examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose.”

In other words, translation revision is a crucial quality check. As Japanese boasts unique nuances and complexities, Japanese translation revision is particularly important.

Our experienced linguists will revise any copy produced by other translators or via translation software, whether that copy is for publication online or in print. Website content, marketing materials, manuals, training documents and contracts plus much more can be significantly improved by our experts. Our Japanese translation revision service includes:

  • Crosschecking translations against the source text.

  • Referring to the appropriate style guidelines and glossaries to ensure they have been correctly applied.

  • Refining translations.

  • Localizing copy to appeal to a Japanese audience.

Your text will be translated and localized to the highest possible standards. You could also take advantage of the outstanding editing and proofreading services of our partners, Press Inc.

We always find the right words to perfectly showcase our clients.


Japanese Proofreading

Our partnership with Press Inc. enables us to offer a premium Japanese editing service. For superior results, any copy should be edited to produce translated content which is consistent, perfectly structured and factually correct. Press Inc.’s editors will also assess Japanese translations for clarity, logical argument, repetition, tone and style. Your messages will become easier to read and will carry greater impact.

A Japanese Proofreader will analyse edited copy to identify any spelling mistakes, poor grammar and incorrect punctuation that it contains. Your translated content will then be error-free and more polished to better showcase your brand or project. Our Japanese proofreading service is second to none.

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