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Lunch with Friends

Introducing LocLunch

An Exciting networking opportunity for business professionals  It’s always good to talk and it’s even better to share. Founded by Jan Hinrichs in 2019, LocLunch is a series of monthly lunch meetings for those with an interest in localization, globalization and translation.


Online and offline, LocLunch provides a forum for professionals to build trust, share experiences, introduce fresh ideas and drive innovation. I am thrilled to have become a LocLunch ambassador.


I look forward to meeting with industry professionals in the Basque region over the coming months. Together, we can problem-solve, drive progress and gain new perspectives on everything that we do. And Eat!

to Loclunch

Monthly LocLunch meetings will be open to people living in the area as well as those who are passing through on business.


The venues will be highly-regarded restaurants in Biarritz, Anglet, St Jean de Luz and St Sebastian. The meetings will be announced via my LocLunch group on LinkdedIn.

Spring into LocLunch!

We are excited to share that LocLunch will be making its return to the Basque country this spring, with the inaugural meeting set to take place in Biarritz at the Grande plage.


We are looking forward to reuniting with familiar faces and forging new connections during this gathering. There has surely never been a better time to lock-in relationships and a LocLunch event provides the perfect opportunity.

If you’d like to join us, sign up on Linkedin today.

The LocLunch ecosystem

LocLunch began as a series of regional, monthly lunch meetings. LocLunch has extended its reach via online meetings.


Translators, proofreaders, copywriters, project managers, translation company CEO’s, localisation program managers, I.T. developers and consultants can connect regularly with colleagues in their region.


New relationships are cemented and enhanced by physical meetings hosted by LocLunch ambassadors. These events are unconference-style gatherings with an informal feel which are all about sharing, not selling.


Picture of a steak on a barbecue at a LocLunch meeting
Pinxos Spain

LocLunch in the Basque region

The Basque region boasts a wonderful array of fabulous places to eat.  


LocLunch events will offer the added benefit of a chance to indulge in the impressive local cuisine.

Imagine a meeting of minds boosted by a pintxos feast! This tasty, traditional finger food lends variety to your culinary experience and the incredible dishes can be washed down with a glass of Irouléguy wine.

Alternatively, indulge in a delicious bowl of Txoro, a Basque fish stew, or bacalao pil-pil, a dish of fresh cod fried with garlic.

You can round off any meal nicely with a slice of the Basque Country’s most famous dessert – Pastel Vasco. This almond pastry delight is filled with vanilla custard and is always a serious temptation.

LocLunch events supplement industry conferences

More than 100 ambassadors in 60 cities across the globe are now hosting regional LocLunch events.


These take place at well-connected restaurants, usually on the second Thursday of each month.

It is important to note that there is no admission fee for attending a LocLunch event.


Each attendee pays for their own meal and no presentations are made. Everyone has a valuable contribution to make and should feel encouraged to discuss their ideas and concerns.

Biarritz Villa

LocLunch ambassadors generally attend the majority of translation and localization Industry conferences. Many, will organize lunches during the conferences.


The meetings afford the perfect opportunity to connect in an informal environment and to meet local professionals who may not be attending the conference.


Around 16,000 people attend the 30 annual localization conferences. But there are more than 600,000 people on the LocLunch platform where everyone can find their voice.

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