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Beyond Translation. Beyond Japan.

We deliver polished translation and localisation services to an international client base. Working from our headquarters in both France and Japan, we support our clients in their own time zones. Our professionals boast expert knowledge of your industry and target market. 

Polished and Professional Translation Services

At our Japanese translation agency, experienced project managers evolve the perfect team and the right strategies for your project. Expertly written marketing material, creative pieces, online content and subtitles will enrich and tailor your message.

Stylish voice overs optimise impact and deliver impressive results.  We enable you to bridge cultural barriers while enhancing your international reputation because translation is an art, not a science.

We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Press Co., a highly regarded Japanese organisation specialising in proofreading, editing and creative writing. Our clients can now benefit from Press Co.’s considerable expertise. All text and content can be edited to ensure that it is well-structured, consistent and factually correct.

Press Co.’s professional editors are also able to assess copy for clarity, logical argument, tone and style.  Proofreaders will identify spelling mistakes and poor grammar while talented writers use their creativity to deliver truly memorable content. Our partnership ensures that our clients benefit from highly readable, accurate and engaging copy.

trusted partners

Trusted Partner

Trusted by brands, corporations and governments, we ensure that our clients truly connect with their audience.


Timely Delivery

We strive to meet your deadlines without sacrificing quality or style.  Your messages will be delivered on time, every time.

Japanese localisation


Translations are crafted with care to retain their original quality and character but are tailored to impress your new target audience.

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We always find the right words to perfectly showcase our clients.

Why Choose Word Connection?

The quality of your translated material could be fundamental to your success in Japan. That puts your Japanese translator at the heart of everything you do. Whether you are seeking website translation services, medical document translation services or any business language services, here are the key benefits of working with us:

ISO Certification
  • ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 Certified

  • Headquarters in both Europe and Japan

  • Native Japanese speakers

  • Dedicated project managers

  • Translators with experience of your industry

  • Trusted by governments and global brands

  • Expert Japanese localisation

  • Expert Japanese translation

  • Japanese to English translation

  • Japanese proofreading and editing

  • Subtitles and voiceovers

  • Unified multilingual translations

Our talented linguists are all native Japanese speakers, industry experts and professional translators. Working closely as a team and guided by their project manager, they deliver polished and unified documents, digital content and videos.

Your messages retain their integrity and unique character and yet are perfectly adapted to your Japanese audience.

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Our Services


We know translation quality matters. Our talented linguists can audit and enhance your translated texts to adapt your words for a new market while retaining the character and impact of the original copy. A literal translation may not be an effective one, but we can effect a complete transformation with our professional Japanese translation services.

Document Translation

We know translation quality matters. Our talented linguists can audit and enhance your translated texts to adapt your words for a new market while retaining the character and impact of the original copy. A literal translation may not be an effective one, but we can effect a complete transformation with our professional Japanese translation services.

Digital Content

We craft content with impact, tailored to your market, which truly resonates with your new audience. Retaining the essence of your original message, we create highly readable text, regardless of the complexities of your business or project. Speak to Word Connection if you require a website translation service, app localization or simply website localization.


We will handle the entire DTP process for you, delivering Japanese text which is the perfect fit for your labelling and packaging every time. Always retaining the integrity of the original words, our Japanese translations will be perfectly tailored to your new market but will fit effortlessly into your layouts.

Video Translation

Our expert video translation and transcription services ensure that your video productions are distinguished by stylish voice-overs and accurate subtitling courtesy of our professional Japanese translation services. The right words perfectly expressed will maximise the impact and appeal of your visuals.

SEO & Social Media 

Support your digital content with regionally tailored SEO and insightful social media posts which maximise the reach and impact of your important messages. Why not give your brand both an inspiring new voice and a competitive edge with our fast translation services?

Gain Efficiency Through Technology

There is no substitute for talented Japanese translators, but CAT tools are essential assistants. We have invested in the latest technology so that we can offer you the greatest translation quality, flexibility and consistency.

CAT Tools guarantee uniformity and save valuable time by removing the necessity to translate recurring words and phrases. However, all work is double-checked, corrected and finalised by our linguists.

CAT tools

Industry Sectors

Word Connection is a professional Japanese translation company.


We offer Japanese / English translation and localisation services for diverse industry sectors.


From medical documents to automotive instruction manuals and from financial reports to travel guides, we will deliver the finest results.


Our experts are skilled linguists but also understand both the unique nature of your industry and the nuances of your space.

Each industry sector poses its own set of challenges.


Our accomplished translators and project managers boast the experience required to overcome them all.

Life Sciences

We are confident that our Japanese translation and localisation services will ensure that you impress your new audience. But what we offer extends much further than simply retaining the meaning and impact of your messages.


We work hard to keep up to date with changes to regulations and guidelines so that you can also expect compliant translations – every time.

English, French, German, Spanish, Basque Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai

We have built our impressive reputation by providing exceptional Japanese translations.  But we can now do so much more including translation into English, French, German, Spanish and Basque. Our Japanese office provides Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai translations.

  • What is translation memory and how can it help?
    Translation Memory (TM) is a CAT (computer-aided translation) tool feature. This enables the storing of translations with context and identification data. Translated documents can be updated without the need to re-translate the entire content. TM ensures quality and consistency while saving time and money.
  • What is ISO 9001:2015 certification?
    ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It certifies that we have a system in place to manage our quality. ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirement for an organisation to demonstrate its ability to provide services that meet the client’s needs while complying with statutory and regulatory requirements. Word Connection is a professional translation company that has achieved this certification.
  • What is localisation?
    Localisation moves beyond translation to perfectly tailor content to a target market by addressing words and phrases that simply don’t work for the new audience.
  • Are Word Connections translators certified and experienced?
    Absolutely. Our linguists must possess the necessary qualifications and experience to comply with ISO 17100 and so must meet at least one of the following criteria: A degree level qualification in translation A degree level qualification in any field together with two years full-time professional experience in translating. Five years full-time professional experience in translating
  • Which file formats can Word Connection accept?
    The file formats we can accept include but are not limited to: HTML documents (*.html, .htm) Microsoft®Word®97–2003 documents and Rich Text files (.doc, .rtf) Microsoft®Office Word®documents (.docx, .docx) Text files (.txt, *.inf, *.ini, .reg, and many more). Microsoft®Excel®97–2003 files (.xls, .xlt) Microsoft®Office Excel®files (.xlsx) Excel 2003 XML spreadsheets (.xml) Microsoft®PowerPoint®97–2003 files (*.ppt, *.pps, .pot) Microsoft®Office PowerPoint®files (.pptx, .potx) OpenDocumentText ( Write; ODT) Adobe®Framemaker®files (.mif) Adobe®InDesign®INX and IDML files (*.inx, *.idml, .indd) XML and SGML files (.xml, .sgml) XLIFF files (xlf; .xlz) .NET resource files (.resx) Portable Document Format (PDF) Java properties files (.properties) AuthorIT projects (.xml) DITA documents (.dita) FreeMind mindmaps (.mm) Microsoft Visio 2000–2007 files (.vsd) Microsoft Visio files (.vsdx) Microsoft Help Workshop files (.hhc, .hhk) Scalable Vector Graphics drawings (.svg) Typo3 pages (.xml) JSON (.json) YAML (.yaml) WPML XLIFF files (.xliff, or no extension)
  • Does Word Connection offer website translations services?
    Yes! We can translate and localise your entire website and blog or any new content that you wish to add. No project is too large or too small.
  • Will translations be accepted by governments and other official bodies?
    Apostilled or notarised translations may be required. Contact us for further information.
  • What is transcreation?
    Transcreation is the process of transforming content to inspire a new audience while retaining its intent and tone. Writers generally work from a brief rather than source text and reimagine the content to maximise its appeal.
  • How quickly can translations be completed?
    Every project is unique and the time it will take to complete translations will depend on the scope and complexity of the work. However, we pride ourselves on our fast Japanese translation service and will always strive to meet your required deadlines.
  • What is ISO 17100 certification?
    ISO 17100 is the quality standard for translation service providers. It ensures the consistent delivery of quality and that a company has a system in place to manage its translation process. Word Connection is a professional Japanese translation company that is ISO 17100 certified.
  • How much does translation and localization cost?
    Our charges are based on the word count, complexity, and urgency of a project. We will always provide a free and detailed quotation prior to undertaking work.
  • Will your information remain confidential during the translation process?
    Absolutely. We have evolved strict confidentiality protocols to protect all client information.
  • Can Word Connection translate English documents to Japanese?
    Yes! Our core expertise is the translation of English documents to Japanese.

Management team

James Myatt

Word-Connection CEO

James Myatt

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Word-Connection COO

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President PRESS Co., Ltd

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