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Introducing Strateski 25

Introducing Strateski 25

A unique and innovative conference for language service providers, Strateski partners meaningful discussion with outstanding skiing.


Hosted by Word Connection in Les Contamines Montjoie, France, the conference boasts an informal atmosphere and flexible agenda. While large gatherings can be intimidating or impersonal, Strateski ensures that everyone feels suitably relaxed and that their voices are heard. Delegates build lasting relationships with fellow industry professionals that help their businesses to evolve and prosper.

Better still, delegates can hit the slopes to enjoy the excellent pistes and stunning scenery. Les Contamines provides the perfect setting for the clearing of heads and crystalising of thoughts.

Strateski 24 takes place 19 – 26 January 2024.

The theme for #Strateski24 will be LSC sales and marketing strategies for the coming year.

Don’t miss it!

Strateski represents a wonderful opportunity to connect, unwind and recharge those batteries. Join us to kickstart your year at a conference like no other!

More than a language conference


If the idea of a conference fills you with dread, think again! There are no bustling crowds at Strateski and nobody is left feeling like a small fish in a huge pond. Delegates can contribute as much or as little as they wish to any discussion or activity.

Of course, one of the principal attractions of the event is the skiing. Previous participants report that the exercise and time spent outdoors has significantly boosted their physical and mental wellbeing. Many are now training in anticipation of Strateski 24!

But you don’t need to be an amazing skier or incredibly fit to benefit from attending Strateski. The combination of meaningful discussion, fun and exercise always works wonders. Whether you fly down the pistes or gently carve your way to the bottom, you will feel suitably invigorated and inspired. Which is great for you and great for business too.

There’s nothing like shared experiences when it comes to building bonds and empowering participants. Strateski delegates tend to leave Les Contamines feeling more confident and optimistic than when they arrived!

Promoting physical and mental wellbeing

Exercise delivers many benefits, especially when it’s fun and is a shared experience:



  • Helps us to cope with stress

  • Improves physical health

  • Contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem

  • Enables us to meet people and make friends

  • Improves the quality of our sleep

  • Boost our energy

  • Reduces symptoms of depression

  • Helps to reduce anxiety

  • Releases chemicals in the brain that promote happiness

No wonder the discussions at Strateski tend to be so productive! Everyone experiences the feel-good factor in abundance.

How to prepare for the piste


You don’t need to be super-fit to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. But a little physical preparation will ensure that you can extract the most fun out of your runs and escape those aching muscles!

The most appropriate training exercises boost muscle power, improve balance and enhance endurance. But remember that you should tailor your exercise regime to your body’s capabilities and back it up with cardio activities such as cycling, running or interval training.

Here are six exercises that should work well for you and that do not require the use of any special equipment.

Walking lunge with rotation


Great for glutes, quads, hamstrings and abdominals.

  • Stand with your feet set slightly apart.

  • Step one foot forward into a lunge.

  • As you step forward, rotate your body to the side in the direction of your leading knee with your arms at chest height and slightly elevated.

  • Drive up and through your forward leg to take the next lunge step.

  • Perform 20 lunges per session.


Hip rolls


Great for strengthening your hip muscles to prevent knee issues.

  • Stand on your left leg.

  • Lean forward from your hips and with a straight back and then lift your right leg behind you slightly off the ground.

  • Rotate your hip away from your standing foot while keeping your body in a straight plane.

  • Hold on to the back of a chair for balance if you need to.

  • Repeat 10 times per session.



Squat reverse lunges


Great for improving your ski posture together with your quads, glutes and hamstrings for leg strength.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Squat as if you are sitting back into a chair.

  • Stand up and perform a reverse lunge.

  • Return to the squat position and then perform a reverse lunge on the other leg.

  • Repeat 10 times per session for each leg.


Lateral jumps


Great for strengthening quads, glutes and hamstrings to prepare your body for explosive moments.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and with your knees slightly bent, balancing on one leg.

  • Jump to the side, landing on the other leg.

  • Swing your arms across your body like a speedskater.

  • Jump to the other side in the same way.

  • Repeat 30 times per session.



Abductor squeezes


Great for strengthening the inner thighs to help keep skis parallel.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet together and your hands by your sides.

  • Place a rolled-up blanket or towel between your thighs.

  • Squeeze the blanket or towel between your thighs while lifting your hips and driving down into your feet but don’t overarch your back.

  • Lower to the ground.

  • Repeat 30 times per session.


Hip clock


Great for improving balance and enhancing hip coordination.

  • Stand with your weight on your left leg and with your left knee slightly bent.

  • Keep your back straight and your weight centred over your standing knee.

  • Imagine you are standing at the centre of a clock face.

  • Lift your right leg and extend it towards 12 o’clock

  • Return your leg to the centre.

  • Repeat the movement towards 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

  • Switch to your right leg and repeat the cycle.

  • Repeat at least 5 times per session on each leg.


Book your place now!


It’s better to be at Strateski and thinking about work, than to be at work and thinking about Strateski!

Register for the event today to guarantee your place.

You won’t regret it!


James Myatt

4 min read

Nov 23, 2023



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